Locations: Ardolis

Ardolis Pirate Base
  • Gold bolts: 3
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Ardolis - Pirate Base
  2. Ardolis - Pirate Base 2
  3. Ardolis - Pirate Base 3
  4. Ardolis - Rusty Pete's Pirate Tour
  5. Ardolis - Pirate Boss


Skill Points

  • Taste O' Yer Own Medicine: Destroy all Corsairs with the Combuster.
  • Preemptive Strike: Destroy 5 thwogs while they are still sleeping.
  • It's a Mutanty Cap'n!: Change 5 pirates into penguins in one shot.

Gold Bolts

  • On the optional Heli-Pod course, there is a section where you have to lower a ship using a pulley system to get across. Instead of moving ahead, wait on the lowered ship until the Heli-Pod disappears. When you are raised up, the gold bolt will be on your left.
  • You need the Holo Pirate Disguise for this gold bolt. Take the teleporter back to the end of the level, and the doorkeeper will be on the right. The bolt is inside.
  • You need the Holo Pirate Disguise for this gold bolt. In the large room filled with Space pirates after Sardollow Caves, go to the pirate doorkeeper on the right wall and dance the jig. Head up the elevator to the top level and enter the door straight ahead and slightly to the right. The gold bolt is there.

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