Locations: Viceron

Viceron Zordoom Prison
  • Gold bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 2


  1. Viceron
  2. Viceron - Zordoom Prison
  3. Viceron - Jailbreak


Skill Points

  • Dancin' On The Ceiling: Successfully use a Groovitron while on a gravity ramp.
  • Seared Ahi: Use the Pyro Blaster on 3 Drophyd Creatures after freeing them from their robotic suits.

Gold Bolts

  • This next bolt is incredibly troublesome to get. Beginning from the drop-off point of the hovercraft, activate the Heli-Pod platform to be lifted onto the next couple Heli-Pod platforms. This pattern breaks when you notice a platform already being held up by an existing Heli-Pod. Use the Alpha Disruptor in Aim Mode to blow it up, causing the platform to slide back towards you. Then Heli-Pod up to the door. Located within the room are two lowered ramps marked with Heli-Pod swirls at the bottom's tip. When these ramps are raised via Heli-Pods, you have a very short amount of time hop back up the steps and traverse the room before the Heli-Pods give out and send the ramps back to their original positions. You want to hit the farther Heli-Pod from far away and tag the closer Heli-Pod as you are turning to clamber back up the steps in order to beat the time constraint. There is a hidden room in here as well. Pick up the Heli-Pod closer to you and use it to leap across to the round door to the left of the room. Another Heli-Pod will hoist up the door. Once through, the Geo-Laser can be put to good use. Melt the wall to reveal a secret room filled with Raritanium. Great find! When you have managed to cross the first room and are in the second room, lift up the Heli-Pod door and turn the crank to cause a huge fan to pop out from the ground. Give life to the platform in front thereof and start the precarious journey across the sky. Remember that the Heli-Pod has a short lifespan, so renew the Heli-Pod constantly on the platform when needed. The goal here is to keep the platform aloft and redirect its course by hooking a Heli-Pod to its appropriate swirl located to the left of the big red generator. The generator releases a strong gust of wind that blows the platform in a different direction, at which point you repeat the same procedure except this time the generator is on the right side. The short ride comes to an end at another platform with a crank. This one pulls out another fan from the ground, but before immediately boarding the Heli-Pod controlled platform, un-holster the Alpha Disruptor and aim it at the red generator in the distance. Aim specifically at the hovering Heli-Pod and blast it away, then confidently take the platform there. You will be brought to the final platform, on which sits this troublesome gold bolt.
  • When you reach the other end of the tentacle room, if you look to the left of the Decryptor podium dead ahead, you will see another Decryptor podium slightly around the corner. Activate that one to enable an elevator. Take it to the second level. Avoid more tentacles to get some Raritarium crates and eventually the gold bolt.


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