Locations: Sargasso

Sargasso Outpost L51
  • Gold bolts: 4
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Sargasso
  2. Sargasso - Robo-Wings
  3. Sargasso - Outpost L51


Skill Points

  • It Sounded Like A Freight Train: Get 11 anthropods in one tornado.
  • Head Examine: Land on the head of all 5 Troglosaurs in Sargasso.
  • Extinction: Kill all the Sargasso Grunthers.

Gold Bolts

  • After exiting the Sargasso Gelatonium Refinery, float down to the machinery platform on the left. Walk all the way around it to find the gold bolt.
  • Use the Robo-Wing pad at the beginning of the level to fly straight ahead towards a Kerchu drilling platform. The gold bolt is on the platform amongst the numerous enemies.
  • Underneath one of the four-footed dinosaurs is a tripad and the other two are underneath the dinosaur's back legs, which it lift with a little patience. Pressing all three pads will open a nearby door with the gold bolt.
  • On the back one of the four-footed dinosaurs is a gold bolt.

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