Locations: Kreeli Comet

Kreeli Comet
Kreeli Comet IRIS Supercomputer
  • Gold bolts: 1
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Kreeli Comet - IRIS


Skill Points

  • Lombaxes Don't Like Cold: Break all the breakable icicles.
  • Mow Down Hoedown: Use turrets to destroy 10 dancing pirates.
  • Saucy Wrench: Destroy all 4 campfire Cauldrens with the wrench.

Gold Bolts

  • Instead of going down the grav ramp, glide down to the area on the left. Impress the Doorkeeper with your dance moves and head inside to find the gold bolt hidden among the Raritanium. Then take the elevator to continue with the rest of the level.

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