Locations: Rykan V

Rykan V
Rykan V Spaceport
  • Gold bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Rykan V - Drophyd Assault
  2. Rykan V - Drophyd Assault 2
  3. Rykan V - Drophyd Assault 3
  4. Rykan V - Spaceport
  5. Rykan V - Gyro-Cycle


Skill Points

  • The Consumer Is Not (Always) Right: Destroy 18 consumer bots in the area near your ship.
  • Live Strong: Complete the Gyro-Cycle area in under 1:45.
  • Untouchable: Don't take damage while driving the Gyro-Cycle.

Gold Bolts

  • Next to the Device Vendor, there is a large metal box. High jump up and shimmy past the ledges. Look for a building with a zipline on it and go around the back of it. Shimmy across the ledge, jump up into the small room and grab the gold bolt.
  • After completing the Gyro-Cycle course, go down the path to the left of the bunker, go to the left of the Raritanium chests. Go around the large rock and snag your gold bolt hidden in the grass.


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