Locations: Igliak

Igliak Meridian City
  • Gold bolts: 2
  • Skill points: 3


  1. Igliak - Meridian City
  2. Igliak - Air Tunnel Expressway


Skill Points

  • Stay Still So I Can Shoot You!: Use strafe flip 10 times while fighting cragmite soldiers.
  • Now Boarding...: Complete the Gyro Cycle area in 0:55 seconds.
  • Low Flying Owls: Fly underneath an electrified barrier in the robo wing segment.

Gold Bolts

  • This gold bolt hovers above a dome-shaped glass building below. Walk up the grav ramp and spot the dome by looking to the right and down. You should see the gleam of the gold reflecting off the glass rooftop. Glide down to it and make your way back up to this point again afterward.
  • After deactivating the red force field, follow the path until you reach the area with the armored robot spitting bullets. From the first southern alcove, glide to the glass catwalk and nab the bolt. Hug the wall to return to safer ground.


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